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Six months ago, the disgraced wizard, Alloran, sacrificed his hand to rescue the woman he loves from his traitorous friend, Ladanyon. Despite saving the city from a demon, his reputation remains tarnished, and the council of wizards has penalised him severely for the practise of banned magic.

Now he learns his desperate efforts to stop Ladanyon led more to damnation than salvation. Finding a solution compels him to breach his sanctions and venture into forbidden places at risk of his life and freedom.

Alloran must choose between saving himself and everything he holds dear.


"I really liked the first book, and this sequel is a great follow-up. The descent into the hell realm is exciting, better even than the climax of the first book, when hell makes an appearance in Alloran's world. I love the tentacled first-realm demons, very kraken meets Lovecraftian Old Ones." ~ Samantha Sabovitch

"Awesome conflict on every page. Tons of surprises too. Great ending! This is a fast read, but the setting and characterization is rich and deep and I fell into the story in a way I didn't expect." ~ J.

"Stalking the Demon was quick and intricate, but slow and methodical at the same time. I found myself constantly trying to figure out what would happen next, and was usually wrong. There was a great amount of action and suspense that really grabbed me and kept me reading until the end." ~ Joe Slonaker


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  • About Ciara Ballintyne

    Ciara Ballintyne sings American country music with an Australian accent and is slave to two cats who believe they are gods - but who graciously permit her husband and two daughters to reside with them. She holds degrees in law and accounting, and for her sins has been a practising financial services lawyer since 2004.
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  • Monday Morsels

    I started Monday Morsels and the associated hashtag when I wanted to share snippets of the books I was working on. On Mondays, you can have the opportunity to get a first look at the raw draft of upcoming releases on my blog, Flight of the Dragon. If you're also a writer, find out
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  • Bonus Content

    Want to know more about the characters and their worlds? Visit here for free bonus content available from time to time, including maps, diagrams, floor plans, wallpapers, screensavers, deleted scenes and other additional content. Check out the map of Idras from the Seven Circles of Hell series!
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  • Book Tour: Blood Isle by Mark Stone @calasade +

    Blood Isle: Calasade Series virtual book tour featured by Happy Geek Media Excerpt of Blood Isle: Calasade “In the Pit” Wearing nothing— —teeth chattering— —trapped in a pit— —staring at the beams of a moon that never seemed to move— —cowering. Weeping. Growls from outside rose in pitch and bordered on screams of a tortured person. The beasts making those spine-chilling noises stood upright on powerful hind legs, their bodies brown, hairless, gargantuan, heads horned. She had seen the caged animals after her captors whisked her off a ship and up a mountainous incline but before they lowered her into this prison, the pit’s mouth a symbol of freedom and blinding fear. She could do nothing save die if a Read More
  • Monday Morsel: The Gown - an excerpt from IN THE COMPANY OF THE DEAD +

    I haven't posted anything since early April, for which I apologise. It's been a rather hectic time, with lots of travel for my day job, and not much sleep on the homefront, and it's been difficult to get to the blog. I can promise though that I have still been writing, and In the Company of the Dead is out with beta readers - I've just started getting feedback and so far so good! For now, enjoy this Monday Morsel. * * * The maid stepped over to touch Ellaeva’s arm as the door clicked shut behind Everard. ‘Your holiness will require my assistance with the buttons of the gown.’ Unable to avoid it anymore, Ellaeva’s eyes darted to the gown hanging in the Read More
  • Monday Morsel: Must Be Another Way - an excerpt from IN THE COMPANY OF THE DEAD +

    ‘Are you sure about this?’ Everard hovered behind the castellan’s wife’s maid, anxiety warring with dignity in his stiff posture. The maid shot him an annoyed look as he bumped the table, jostling the collection of pots of paints and rouges. When Everard retreated, she put the brush in her hand delicately to Ellaeva’s cheekbones. ‘No.’ Ellaeva worked her jaw to moisten her dry mouth. ‘No, not at all.’ ‘Could your holiness close your eyes?’ The maid’s soft voice was deferential as she laid down the brush. Examining the portrait propped on the table, she selected another, smaller brush. Ellaeva closed her eyes, and a moment later the rabbit’s fur brush flickered over her eyelids. ‘There must be another way.’ Read More
  • Wintergreen Oil - Minty Poisonous Freshness: Crazy Things I Learned Researching Books +

    So while revising In the Company of the Dead I discovered I'd described a poison as tasting of mint. Now why did I do that? Did I research a poison that tasted of mint? Do any poisons taste of mint? Well I don't know. Better go find out. Enter wintergreen oil. Which does taste minty - not that I recommend sampling it. At least not in copious quantities. And by 'copious' I mean a teaspoon of the stuff. The proper name for wintergreen oil is 'methyl salicylate', and it's produced by 'wintergreen' or 'evergreen' plants, possibly as a defence mechanism given its toxicity. In pure form, wintergreen oil is toxic, with one teaspoon containing 7 grams of salicylate, or the equivalent Read More
  • Monday Morsel: Her Betrayed Goddess - an excerpt from IN THE COMPANY OF THE DEAD +

    Ellaeva sat in the withdrawing room, contemplating a decanter of wine weighing down one corner of the map. The thud of Galdron’s receding boots still echoed around the small room. The room’s shadows deepened as the sun sank toward the west, and the chair held her close, like a nest cradling a baby bird, or a man comforting his lover. The wine reflected a deep ruby red in the dying light. The colour captivated her, called to her, like a siren on the rocks beckoning a sailor, with a forked tongue promising impermanent oblivion. For tomorrow she would arise and remember; deep below the castle, the enemy sappers still tunnelled. The sally had failed, the explosives planted in the wrong Read More
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