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How To Pronounce The Names From IN THE COMPANY OF THE DEAD (Part 1)

In the Company of the Dead Book 1 of The Sundered Oath
I’m recording a series of videos to show you how to pronounce the words from my dark epic fantasy In the Company of the Dead, including the invented words, the Latin and the Gaelic. Watch Part 1 now. Watch out for Part 2, coming soon!

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Monday Morsel: An Understandable Urge – An Excerpt From ON THE EDGE OF DEATH

“Happy New Year!” * * * “Nice picture.” Ellaeva immediately crumpled up the drawing and stuffed it away, looking up into the oily smile of Drault as he set two tankards of ale on the table. His breath stank as he leaned over the table; they weren’t his first drinks of the evening. His dark […]

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Giveaway Winners Announced!

Here are the winners of the giveaway! 1. $30 Amazon Gift Card – Linda Trinklein 2. In the Company of the Dead Limited Edition – Brent Strassburg 3. Signed Set of The Seven Circles of Hell – Nicole Martin 4. Complete set of Ballintyne ebooks – Mary Ann Cloud If you’re a winner, I’ll email […]

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