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On the Edge of Death The Sundered Oath Book 2



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All the Left Hand of Death wants is something to call her own, but is the price too high?

Ellaeva, the fated avatar of the death goddess, is desperate to track down her missing family but the trail is decades old. Instead, she discovers her battered and bloodied sister priestesses driven across the Jerreki border on pain of death. Ellaeva must turn aside from her personal quest to investigate the murders, only to find her parents have been taken into the heart of the conflict.

Lyram Aharris, favoured son of the royal line of Ahlleyn, is the only living person she trusts to help her infiltrate the enemy stronghold and uproot the horror they find there, but their chequered past threatens the mission. Accompanying him is his crown prince, the one man Lyram wants dead above all others.

Now Ellaeva must face down the darkness in her soul before a dark god is brought into the world.

At the boundary of life and death, all oaths will be tested.

Praise for On the Edge of Death

"...the story offers elements of a sword-and-sorcery production, replete with battles and the feints and recoveries of swordplay. In other ways, it's at once a murder mystery and a psychological self-inspection.... The story's ability to weave a tone that doesn't neatly fit into many of the predictable devices of fantasy genre writing imparts a sense of surprise to events which make twists and turns throughout as Ellaeva's seemingly-singular quest unravels the strands that connect her world... a powerful epic fantasy production worthy of reading, re-reading, and recommendation." ~ D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"As dark as On the Edge of Death was, it was also completely captivating. From the first chapter... I was sucked right in. Why wasn’t the goddess answering her and, more importantly, who was doing this to her fellow priestesses? The more answers I got, the more questions I had as the mystery unraveled at a steady clip... Ciara Ballintyne fantastically creates this other world in every word, pulls you in and leaves you panting for more by the time you reach the final page. A truly satisfying read that will leave you ready for the next adventure." ~ Natasha Jackson, Readers' Favorite



Only a fool crosses a god, but Ellaeva and Lyram will do anything to get what they want.

Chosen as a five-year-old orphan to be the Left Hand of Death, Ellaeva has nothing to call her own—nothing except a desire to avenge her slaughtered parents. Her duties leave her no time to pursue the man responsible, until both her work and revenge lead to the same place—the lonely castle where Lyram Aharris is serving out his exile after the murder of his wife.

Lyram is third in line for the throne, and when the castle is unexpectedly besieged, he fears his prince means to remove him from contention for the crown permanently. Ellaeva’s arrival brings hope, until she reveals she has not come for the siege, but instead she hunts the castle for a hidden necromancer dedicated to the dark god of decay.

Within their stone prison, Ellaeva and Lyram must fight to save themselves from political machinations and clashing gods. But as the siege lengthens, the greatest threat comes from an unexpected quarter.


“Some of the most notable fantasy authors create powerful reads with slower beginnings that lead up to a crescendo of gripping action – such as this story… Much like the acclaimed fantasy writer Patrick Rothfuss’s productions, In the Company of the Dead evolves slowly for the first few chapters… perfect for the fantasy fan seeking depth, who appreciates a slow build-up before the fiery action begins. Such an audience will find this perfectly fits the definition of an epic saga: sweeping, complex, and ultimately engrossing.” ~ D.Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Ballintyne’s deep characterizations make you feel for the people she’s created, root for their endeavors, and gasp at their tribulations… The prose is wonderfully evocative and the plot has good twists and is well-paced… an engrossing read, a good choice for fantasy fans who like a meaty storyline.” ~ Readers’ Favorite

“If you’re a fan of epic fantasy with a romantic twist along the lines of Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings, I think you’ll enjoy this book… I definitely see this as a book that the more you read it, the more you’ll glean from it. If you’re looking for a hefty, deep, complex fantasy novel, definitely check this book out.” ~ Nebula of Books

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    About Ciara Ballintyne

    Ciara Ballintyne grew up on a steady diet of adult epic fantasy from the age of nine, leaving her with a rather confused outlook on life – she believes the good guys should always win, but knows they often don’t. She is an oxymoron; an idealistic cynic. She began her first attempts at the craft
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  • Monday Morsels

    I started Monday Morsels and the associated hashtag when I wanted to share snippets of the books I was working on. On Mondays, you can have the opportunity to get a first look at the raw draft of upcoming releases on my blog, Flight of the Dragon. If you're also a writer, find out
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  • Bonus Content

    Want to know more about the characters and their worlds? Visit here for free bonus content available from time to time, including maps, diagrams, floor plans, wallpapers, screensavers, deleted scenes and other additional content. Check out the map of Idras from the Seven Circles of Hell series!
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  • Confronting the Demon - Free for a Limited Time

    FREEEEEEE!!!!! It's free! If you haven't yet got your copy of Confronting the Demon, it's now free at all major retailers. Quick, go get your copy now, before it's all gone! About the Book For Alloran, who practised the fine art of frivolity for decades, life just got serious. Framed for the heinous crime of
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  • Cover Reveal - BECOMING THE DEMON

    Becoming the Demon has been four years in the making--and now, finally, here is the cover! About the Book Some doors lead to places no man should go. Desperate to rescue Dek after abandoning him in the fifth circle of hell, Alloran’s task is complicated when he is forced to go on the run again.
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  • To Make the Dead Weep - Cover Reveal

    Here it is, the cover for To Make the Dead Weep, the third book in The Sundered Oath series. I am sorry - I know it's been 16 months since book 2 was released. To Make the Dead Weep is due to go for edits in October, so you can expect to see it available within
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    It's been more than a year since I released my last book, so I probably owe you all an update. I am working on the next book in both of my series. Becoming the Demon is Book 3 in The Seven Circles of Hell and I've been working on it off and on since I
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  • ONE SECOND AFTER Is Turning Me Into A Prepper

    OK, so I’ve seen the reality shows about preppers and I always thought they were a little crazy. Prepping for what? The zombie apocalypse seemed highly unlikely, and even economic collapse didn’t seem likely the way international support works these days. Well, One Second After answered that question for me in a big way. Without
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