New Year, new book, new bonus content!

First cab off the rank is a brand new quiz to celebrate the upcoming release of my new full-length fantasy novel In the Company of the Dead. Are you the chosen of the death goddess? To find out subscribe to the newsletter (top right of this page), as this will be subscriber only exclusive content until closer to the April release date—although of course my subscribers may choose to share their results around the web themselves, and that’s fine, but you won’t find it on my website for some time yet.

To find out what it means to be the chosen of the death goddess, make sure you read the book! Subscribers will get notification directly into their inbox when the book is released.

Other content coming this year includes a cover reveal, which will also be available to subscribers first, and maps for In the Company of the Dead, including a map of the fantasy world in which the whole series takes place, and a map of the castle in which In the Company of the Dead is set.

Castle Front Edited 1 MM

Later in the year, I am travelling to Scotland, and will be visiting Caerlaverock Castle, which inspired the castle in the book. There will be a giveaway with your chance to win a signed photo of me at Caerlaverock Castle.

In terms of blogs, there will be no Monday Morsels for the first half of this year. I am working on the sequel to In the Company of the Dead, but I don’t want to share any parts of that with you before you get the chance to read the first book. So we’ll come back to that after the release date. In the meantime, you can expect the regular Friday blog posts to appear on Mondays (more or less—I hope). I know I was slack for a few months at the end of last year.

For those of you awaiting the next instalment in The Seven Circles of Hell series – yes, there is one! No, I’m not working on it yet. Sorry, I have due dates for The Sundered Oath, but I do want to get started on it this year. Apologies for the long delay between books… Hopefully when you read In the Company of the Dead you will forgive me. And I may have other exciting news about Confronting the Demon later in the year! (you should subscribe to the newsletter to get first notification of that too… too much?).

Last but not least, this is your last chance to sign-up to my Advance Copy Review Team (different to the newsletter subscription), as I will be closing sign-ups to that shortly. Signing up entitles you to free copies of all my books in advance of the release date in return for a review. Places are limited!