Somebody Has To Say It – this is my rant blog, where I occasionally climb up on my soapbox and wax lyrical on some subject important to me. My grandmother had an actual soapbox – I mean a box my grandfather made with the word ‘SOAPBOX’ painted on the side – so apparently this runs in the family. I also have quite a few years of legal training and practice behind me, and I’m told I write a good rant – articulate and logical. If you want to see what things I’m discussing, you can check this out – although I don’t post here as often as I once did.

Flight of the Dragon – this blog is primarily dedicated to the epic fantasy genre, and more broadly the speculative fiction genre. It also has posts that relate more generally to writing. The current schedule for this blog is:

  • Monday Morsels – An excerpt from a current work-in-progress each Monday;
  • Touring Scotland with Ciara Ballintyne – every second Friday I post a blog relating to my 2016 trip to Scotland;