A Magical Melody
Series: The Symphony of Magic, Book 1
Genre: Epic/High Fantasy
Publication Year: 2013
ASIN: 0992346606

When a lethal spell is stolen from a locked and warded room, Avram must hunt down the thief before the song of power buries a city of innocents beneath a thousand tonnes of ice.

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About the Book

Available as an included bonus in Confronting the Demon ($2.49), or otherwise receive it free when you subscribe to the newsletter.

A Magical Melody is the First Movement in The Symphony of Magic, an epic fantasy series where music in the hands of the gifted is magic, where composers make new magic, and performers bring it to life. It is the first of four short stories leading up to the full-length, time-travel fantasy novel comprising the Fifth Movement.


“Encore! This is remarkable concept and one that I am in full sympathy with: magical spells being compositions of music performed by orchestra and soloists, which must be performed with skill and ability or else…bad things happen. Many fantasy novels (including one or two I’ve written!) have played with this concept, since nothing is more pure and powerful than the world of music. The author makes this concept, which could be merely clever, really work, particularly through her characters–including one “jug eared” conductor. The writing is gorgeous, and the entire piece is like a concerto for narrator and orchestra. The narration plays beautifully off the characters and the story, and I was truly under its spell–it truly has what Thomas Beecham called “heavenly length” (referring to Schubert’s 9th Symphony). The chapter ended far too quickly and I couldn’t believe we only had the “First Movement”. Encore–we need an Andante, a Scherzo, and a Finale! Musical metaphors aside, this really is first-rate work and I think this will be an impressive fantasy work, hopefully an entire novel.” ~ Joseph Grasso

“Poetry in Motion – …This was absolutely gorgeous! The characters were wonderfully fleshed out, the plot was gripping, and the description read like (pun intended) music, creating a sensual, clean flow that never let go of my interest. The world building here is also worth noting, because it is handled so well and with such ease, a difficult task for a lot of fantasy authors.” ~ Caitlin E. Jones

I was swept away by just the first few sentences, and as I kept reading I found myself marveling at how fleshed out and grounded the world felt. There were no questions as to why things were a certain way, or how things worked. It all just fit together and made sense, and that certainly plays a part in what makes this piece so beautiful. The writing flows smoothly, painting vivid images of this unique and original world of musical magic. The intrigue of the missing composition is more than enough to propel the story forward, yet the greatest driving force is easily the characters. Each character not only has their own personality and motivation, but they are also distinctly flawed, adding a wonderful sense of depth. I would love to read more – more of this world, and definitely more from this author! ~ Brie O’Reilly

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