A Dilemma of Twins
Series: The Symphony of Magic, Book 2
Genre: Epic/High Fantasy
Publication Year: Coming Soon

Ileana must thwart her brother's attempt to restore his magic - even at the expense of her own.

About the Book

Ileana has lived a life bereft of the magic that was her music ever since her twin brother’s punishment for treason stripped them both of their power.

Now she must stop Jasteve’s heretical attempt to tap into wild primeval powers in order to restore his magic – but what if doing nothing would give her back the magical music she yearns for?

A Dilemma of Twins is the Second Movement in The Symphony of Magic, an epic fantasy series where music in the hands of the gifted is magic, where composers make new magic, and performers bring it to life. It is the second of four short stories leading up to the full-length, time-travel fantasy novel comprising the Fifth Movement.

Coming soon in 2015.

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