I’ve been working with S.A. Joo since 2011 and she’s seen my evolution from amateur writer on the cusp of ‘getting it’ through to self-published author who has finally managed to satisfy her own perfectionism enough to actually put some work out in the public arena.

What I value most is the way she helps me to polish my prose until it shines. It’s been a year since I published Confronting the Demon and I’m still happy with the way the prose reads – maybe happier, given the luxury of a little distance which allows me to appreciate it even more. Ms Joo is significantly responsible for helping me to make that happen.

If you’re a perfectionist, this is the editor for you. The phrase ‘close enough is good enough’ does not exist in her lexicon, and she’s always looking for the best combination of words and sentences to convey the intent and maximum impact of the moment.

She’s a fiend for making sure there is sufficient diversity in your prose by ensuring you don’t repeat sentence structure, sentence openings, paragraph openings, words, themes and concepts too close together. She also makes regular sticklers for grammar seem relaxed.

S.A. Joo is an excellent editor in all respects, and will spot pacing issues, plot holes, inconsistencies, continuity problems, repetition and redundancies, but she truly excels at making your words shine. She won’t pull any punches to spare your feelings at the expense of your manuscript – the quality of the writing is paramount! 

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. But if you’re looking for someone who will push the quality of your writing and always encourage you to excel and perfect, you’ve just found yourself an editor.

S.A. Joo’s Services

Full (Substantive) Edit

The full edit is a combination of substantive editing and copy editing. It’s a two-step process that focuses on spotting structural issues within the story such as plot, pacing, voice, character development, and fact-checking. The first step provides in-depth, line-by-line markups and comments, which will guide you through your revision. After the necessary revisions are made, resubmit the final draft of the manuscript for a copy edit.

Copy Edits

Copy editing is also known as proofreading. It’s a one-step editing, which corrects technical issues of writing such as typos, spelling, grammar, and formatting. 

Query Letter Package

The Query Letter Package includes critique and edit for a query letter, 1-page synopsis, 2-3-page synopsis (some agencies require different lengths).

S.A. Joo’s rates are: 

  • Full Edit. Four U.S. dollars ($4) per double-spaced page. Please use size 12 font, Times or Times New Roman, and 1-inch margin according to the standard manuscript format. Also, a critique of your query letter and synopsis is included in the Full Edit package of an average length novel (60k+).
  • Proofreading/copy edit. Two U.S. dollar ($2) per double-spaced page.
  • Query Letter Package. Fifty U.S. dollars($50). 

You can find S.A. Joo at http://sirraedits.com/