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I Still Think Rey is a Skywalker: Here’s Why

So now that we have all seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi (you have, haven’t you? If not, stop now! Here there be spoilers!). Now that we’ve all seen it, we know that Rey’s parents are allegedly ‘nobodies’. The director, Rian Johnson, even came out and said this is true, and he thinks the idea […]

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Why Do So Many Movie Sequels Suck? (And Others Don’t)

Do you know why many sequels are dreadful attempts to live up to the glory of the original? Because they are tacked on at the last minute. It’s true that this often primarily to make money off the back of something that was wildly successful, but it’s not that money-hungry motivation that makes them suck […]

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IN THE COMPANY OF THE DEAD on sale–99c for 2 days only!

My dark epic fantasy In the Company of the Dead is currently on sale for 99c–act quick, it’s on sale for 2 days only! Get it at all major retailers: Amazon Nook iBooks Kobo About the Book Winner of the Pinnacle Achievement Award–Best Fantasy Book Fall 2016 Only a fool crosses a god, but Ellaeva […]

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Monday Morsel: Doors to Nowhere and Everywhere – an excerpt from BECOMING THE DEMON

Wrong Way Around
I know this is supposed to be a Touring Scotland post–in fact, last post was supposed to be a Touring Scotland post, and you got a new cover reveal instead–but I’m in the throes of writing the last few thousand words of the first draft of Becoming the Demon, and I really don’t have the […]

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Cover Reveal: Makeover for CONFRONTING THE DEMON

For some time now I haven’t been especially happy with the cover art for Confronting the Demon, my debut novella. If there was something letting the book down, it was the cover. Not that the art is bad, per se–just not right. People would mistake the book for a romance, when it’s high fantasy, or […]

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