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Monday Morsel: You Have To Run – an Excerpt from BECOMING THE DEMON

What Price A Lie
“Did you hear me, Alloran? You have to run. The first thing he did after his confirmation was label you a public menace. If he can’t kill you, he will have you silenced.” Her words broke the paralysis gripping him, and he gasped at the cold shock of this pronouncement. He spun to start gathering […]

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Day 4: The Scottish Deer Centre – Touring Scotland with Ciara Ballintyne

Scottish Deer Centre
Today was the day the guys went to play a round at St Andrews Links. They had an early tee-off, so Mum and I had a leisurely check-out with the girls (during which they saw their one and only squirrel of the entire trip), then drove into St Andrews. We had an understated breakfast at […]

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Monday Morsel: Not All Doors Lead To Places A Man Wants To Go

What colour is your magic
I’ve been quiet a long time, I know — getting On the Edge of Death finished nearly wore me out, more than I had realised, and for almost two months I wallowed in doing nothing except reading Scottish crime fiction — yes, tarton noir is this fantasy writer’s secret vice. But I am back writing, […]

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Do You Want To Contribute to a Fantasy Heist?

Wrong Way Around
I’m writing Becoming the Demon, the third installment in The Seven Circles of Hell. This one’s a heist story, where Alloran finds himself contracted to steal from the world’s most secure magical vault. What magical security do you think he should face? What puzzles must he solve? What traps imperil him? Write your suggestions in […]

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New Release! ON THE EDGE OF DEATH by Ciara Ballintyne, Plus Get Book 1 for 99c

On the Edge of Death is now available at all major retailers: Amazon iBooks Kobo Nook About ON THE EDGE OF DEATH All the Left Hand of Death wants is something to call her own, but is the price too high? Ellaeva, the fated avatar of the death goddess, is desperate to track down her […]

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