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Category Archives: Flight of the Dragon

On the Cusp of Exhaustion

Yesterday I sent my manuscript ‘Deathhawk’s Betrayal’ to Writing Australia’s Unpublished Manuscript Award. I had done four sets of revisions after receiving feedback from my beta readers, and a couple before that. The latest four sets of revisions required me to edit and revise solidly from April until, well, yesterday. In case you’re wondering, yes […]

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Six Sentence Sunday – Deathhawk’s Betrayal

Six Sentence Sunday
This is my first week participating in Six Sentence Sunday. I saw it last week and felt inspired to do it.This is an excerpt from my unpublished manuscript ‘Deathhawk’s Betrayal’.He was armed and she wasn’t. It didn’t matter. Attacking with hands and feet, she forced him backwards with a flurry of blows. Rage drove her […]

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My Passion Play: Richard and Kahlan

Richard and Kahlan
The couple I have selected for my Passion Play is Richard and Kahlan from the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. If I had to pick my favourite books, it would have to be this series. Without a doubt theirs is the greatest romance I have yet read. There is so much I would love […]

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Beginning with the Belgariad

Some of you will have come here from my other blog, Somebody Has To Say It. Some of you may have come here from Twitter. Some of you… maybe somewhere else. You may know I’m a fantasy writer. Or not.I’m also a fantasy reader, for even longer than I have been a writer (and that’s […]

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My Book Progress

On the Edge of Death

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