Not like that. I know what you’re thinking. Mind out of the gutter, please.

No, I’ve been featured in many places over the last week or so in the Twitterverse and blogosphere, and in case you missed them, this is your opportunity to check them out now. 

Saturday before last I was the guest on the Newbie Writers podcast, talking about how my day job as a lawyer affects my creative writing and the particular issues I struggle with as a result of my career. I also talk a little bit about why lawyers write the way they do (there is method to our madness – usually) and about my own writing process. So if you want a look at the writing process of a writer who is very linear, black and white, and not to mention anal, you should definitely stop by. Plus, you’ll get to hear the obituary I wrote for my not-very-pending death (I hope). You can find details of the podcast here or it’s free on iTunes.

The same day I was guest posting for Erica Lucke Dean on her blog. If you want a laugh at my expense, this is the post for you. It involves mice. Think of all the awful things that can happen with mice. One of them happened to me. Go forth, laugh, and be merry. Try not to fall down.You can find entertainment at my expense here.

For something different, I’ve done a guest post for @LKEditorial on the use of Greek rhetorical devices in writing and how they can be used to strengthen your writing and, in some cases, give it a touch of poetry. If you’re interested in knowing more about how to apply Greek rhetoric in prose, you can find it here.

Boy, I really have been getting around. I feel something like a Twitter/blog tart now! What can I say? Sometimes I have trouble saying no when people ask me to help them out…

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