…or was that book plugs? That probably depends on whether you write erotica or not!

I’m guest posting over at Find A Good Book to Read by Wodke Hawkinson today on the topic of Twitter etiquette and other Twitter peeves. Those of you who have been with me for a while now know I did a post on this in the very early days of this blog (which you can revisit here), but as a special favour to Wodke Hawkinson, in need of an anonymous gun-for-hire for a good rant, I am doing a reprise… or a revise. I just skipped the anonymous part. Anonymity? I spit on anonymity! Don’t worry, if I’m going to say you piss me off, I’ll do it to your face!

I have touched again on some of the points I raised in the earlier post and, in addition, I’ve informally polled some Tweeps to see what their pet peeves are and discussed those as well. It seem like relentless book plugs are everyone’s number one pet peeve… although if you write erotica, you might misread that as relentless butt plugs, as did one of my Tweeps. Really, ladies and gentlemen, minds out of the gutter for a few minutes, please. 

Although for myself, relentless butt plugs might be even more unpleasant than relentless book plugs!

In further news, after my last post, on whether I should do the A-Z Blogging Challenge, I have decided that I will. Thanks to everyone who commented and offered ideas. I usually post fortnightly on this blog, but in preparation for the Challenge there will be no post in a fortnight’s time. You can look forward to the near-daily blogging fun of the Challenge in April instead. 

I have topics for nearly every letter now except J, K and Z. If you have a topic for any of these letters, let me know in the comments. And please… be kind! 

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