Club Fantasci met yesterday for its second G+ Hangout and first successful hangout! You can watch myself and co-hosts Dionne Lister and David Lowry discuss The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks here. If you’ve read the book, join us on our Goodreads page – start your own discussion threads or join the ones already going. 

Reviews by all three hosts are available on the Club Fantasci website – follow the links to read reviews by Dionne, David and myself

The song I chose for The Way of Shadows is Standing Outside the Fire by Garth Brooks. The song is a metaphor for how life without love is an empty existence. I chose it because this is exactly how Durzo tries to live, and how he teaches Kylar to live, for their own safety – but ultimately, the fire of love draws them like moths to the flame. Despite themselves, they can’t live in that empty, loveless existence. 

October’s Book of the Month is The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers. The book is in print, but so old you’ll likely have to order it online as you’ll have trouble finding it on the shelf. The copy I’ve stolen… ahem, borrowed, from my Dad is a hardback, so it’s like to be damn near as old as I am! 

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