As part of the Confronting the Demon blog tour, I’m guest posting over on Silly Hat Books.

Stop by to check out my guest post, Putting The Fear Factor Back In Tentacles, where I talk about what inspired me to put tentacles in Confronting the Demon and why I didn’t toss them during revisions. Don’t Google ‘tentacles’ and ‘fiction’ unless you already know what results you’re likely to get, or you may be shocked. Or not.

If you’d like to pick up your own copy of Confronting the Demon, check out the buy links on this page – at $1.99, it’s a steal! Buy direct from my Books page and it’s even cheaper. 

If you’re an author, you might also like to check out my post A Quick Reference Guide to Copyright and Cover Art. Does your cover use stock photos? You might not be able to do with your own book cover all the things you think you can!