In the Company of the Dead hit the top 100 list for fantasy and sci-fi on iBooks Australia on its early release date! I’m so excited. That’s me, in number 63! (far right, in the middle row).


If you pre-ordered, thank you! If you haven’t bought the book, and you’re an Apple user, and you want it–it’s now live on iBooks worldwide for you to purchase and start reading immediately.

If you’re not an Apple user, hang tight–the book will be available widely on April 25 when the Apple exclusive ends. If you’d like to support the book by spreading the word on it’s release date, please follow this link to sign-up to my Thunderclap campaign using Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr to share a one-time post about the book.

The book has its first review on Goodreads as well, where the reviewer has this to say:

“An epic tale of fantasy, death and betrayal. A very long book, though it is worth reading every page. Fascinating characters with complex emotions and interactions. Full of intrigue, gruesome battles, and magic, with an undercurrent of passion and rage. A thrilling introduction to this epic fantasy series!”

About In the Company of the Dead:

Only a fool crosses a god, but Ellaeva and Lyram will do anything to get what they want.

Chosen as a five-year-old orphan to be the Left Hand of Death, Ellaeva has nothing to call her own—nothing except a desire to avenge her murdered parents. Her duties leave her no time to pursue the man responsible, until both her work and revenge lead to the same place—the lonely castle where Lyram Aharris is serving out his exile for striking his prince.

Lyram is third in line for the throne, and when the castle is unexpectedly besieged, he fears his prince means to remove him from contention for the crown permanently. Ellaeva’s arrival brings hope, until she reveals she has not come for the siege, but instead she hunts the castle for a hidden necromancer dedicated to the dark god of decay.

Within their stone prison, Ellaeva and Lyram must fight to save themselves from political machinations and clashing gods. But as the siege lengthens, the greatest threat comes from an unexpected quarter.