So our arrival didn’t go quite as expected…Как сделать перголу своими руками

I had all these plans about landing at 7:30am, being at the hotel by 10am, and out sightseeing by 10:30am—and none of it happened.

Our plane was almost two hours late. This was courtesy of the group of thirty people travelling on a group visa—and one of them was, I don’t know, on the no fly list, or not allowed to enter the UK, or something? Apparently this is a thing. I don’t know much about it, but I know I’ll never travel on a group visa. If one of you isn’t allowed, none of you are.

So they wouldn’t let them board, but of course all their bags were already loaded. How long do you reckon it takes to find thirty specific bags on an Airbus-A380? If you said “A bloody long time”, you’re a winner! So we all got to sit on the plane while they found them all…

2016-07-12 15.58.27

This meant we arrived late, when it was busier, which took us longer to clear customs, and longer to catch a train to our hotel. At least that all went off without a hitch, but it was approaching 1pm when we made it to our hotel. Since it had been so long since we’d eaten, everyone wanted lunch before we went anywhere, which meant it was 2pm before we got out. So from two hours late to four…

So after that rocky start, what did we achieve?

Not a hell of a lot.

We found the Hop On Hop Off Bus. Then it started pouring. Or, as the tour guide said, “really hosing down”. He wasn’t kidding. It was like monsoon in North Queensland.

We ran through the rain to the London Eye, because we had pre-paid and I was going on the damn thing regardless. Thankfully, we had fast track tickets, but because the weather was so bad, we didn’t see much. But the only photos I got that day were from the Eye.

Then we caught the wrong bus. It took us I have no idea where. I learned that I didn’t really know what bad traffic was until I came to London.

Big Ben

Then the bus terminated 2km from our hotel. The rain had stopped, but the kids were asleep, and there was no waking them after a 24 hour flight from Australia. We couldn’t carry them that far, as they are simply too heavy. So we had to find a taxi. Our eldest had kind of slept-walked to it, then went back to sleep.

I swear it took just as long to do that 2km in that taxi as my husband and I could have walked it, sans kids. But we got back to the hotel about 6:30pm, put the kids into bed, and then discovered my parents (from whom we’d split up earlier) were missing and not answering their phone. On top of that, we were hungry and had no chance of dinner without someone to watch the kids….

Fortunately I found my parents in the restaurant, and they watched the kids while we ate, and then the kids slept all night.

The next day could only get better, right?