Aut agere aut moriLux Standart

OK, I stuffed up.

So the kingdom of Ahlleyn in my upcoming release, In the Company of the Dead, is loosely inspired by Gaelic and Scottish culture. I say ‘loosely’ because I’ve essentially used those elements that appealed to me and ignored everything else with no attempt at authenticity. It is more ‘Scottish-flavoured’ than anything else.

So I’ve just finished the book, and one of the last things I had to do was build a glossary. Now, I have no idea how to pronounce the Gaelic words I’d used (that’s GALL-ICK in the Scottish form, not GAY-LICK as in the Irish form) so I had to spend some time looking up pronunciations. It took a few hours intensive study, but I got them all.

Except ‘aut agere aut mori’.

I spent another hour or more trying to track own the Scots pronunciation of this phrase before I finally figured it out.

Not the pronunciation, I mean. Rather, wWhy I couldn’t find it.

Aut agree aut mori is a clan motto, and loosely translates as ‘Do or die’.

It was while I was reflecting on that, and wondering why I couldn’t find the pronunciation for something so ostensibly important, that it hit me.

I’m an idiot. Clan mottos are in Latin.

Funnily enough, you simply can’t find the Scots Gaelic pronunciation of a series of Latin words. Needless to say, it was much easier to find once I started searching for the Latin pronunciation of that phrase.

So how do you pronounce it? I’m not very good at phonetically representing words, but loosely it would work like this:

OWT AH-gair-ah OWT MOH-ree