Still Day One, and more sight-seeing around London!

Shakespeare’s Globe


My initial reaction to The Globe, venue for the original performances of Shakespeare’s plays, was surprise that it was still standing. Then I found out that in fact it has been rebuilt which, while disappointing, makes more sense. In any case, I have added The Globe to my list of must-sees.

The Globe is currently used for theatre performances! It also houses an exhibition exploring the life of Shakespeare and his contemporary London in addition to the theatre itself.

The London Bridge Experience

I read somewhere that this was one of the best tourist experiences in London, and so I thought we should definitely go, and now I find myself reconsidering…

The London Bridge Experience explores London’s ‘gruesome history’, and purports to take you back in time with the Romans, the Vikings and even an odd pickpocket or two. The bit about Queen Boudicca certainly sounds interesting, and while I’m absolutely interested in William Wallace I wonder how suitable his fate is for small children… Well, the London Bridge Experience looks a little creepy, but while they don’t allow children on the optional London Tours tour (which I am definitely not interested in) they don’t exclude or warn them off the London Bridge Experience, so maybe it will be OK…

The Experience also covers Viking King Olaf’s rule, the shops of old London Bridge, the Great Fire of London, Jack the Ripper and Hell’s Portal. It certainly looks like an action-packed 45 minutes!

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