The Treehouse

In 365 from days from the time of posting this, we will be landing in London… Squee! The countdown is on.

But the trip isn’t all about me, and hubby has asked to do some things he’d like. So I’m packing him and Dad off to go do some golfing. They’re going to hire some clubs and play a few founds, but the absolute definite and first stop will be St Andrews Links – not the Old Course, because neither of them meets the handicap requirements, but one of the others. St Andrews Links has seven courses, including the Old Course and the 9 hole Balgove, so I am sure they can find something to please them. Good thing we’re not going this year, as St Andrews Links is closed the entire month of July for the British Open! Next year it will be at Royal Troon, so we’re all good.

St Andrews

My husband and I stopped by St Andrews just for a look when we were there in 2008. My main recollection was that it was raining. I’m pretty sure it rained every day we were in Scotland!

The plan is that we’ll stay near St Andrews our third night in the United Kingdom, after having stopped to see Caerlaverock Castle on our drive up from York (yes, I am well aware this is the absolute definition of ‘scenic route’, but there you have it.) The next morning hubby and Dad will be up bright and early and off to play golf, while Mum and I enjoy a late sleep in (ha, yeah right), a leisurely breakfast (kids, stop hitting each other over the head with the utensils!) and then ferry the kids to our next destination, Dalnair Castle Lodge in the Loch Lomond/Trossachs area. We have no particular plans for the day, so I guess we’ll stop wherever we damn well please and eat whatever we damn well want. Good thing we have a GPS, or the boys might beat us to our destination.


For our St Andrews stay, I have my eye on Fernie Castle. We stayed here in 2008 as well, albeit in the Treehouse Suite! Check it out, this place is awesome, and I totally want a bathroom with unicorns painted on the walls.

We’ll be staying in the main castle hotel for this trip, and that has its own charm. I mean, we’ll be staying in a castle. How cool is that? I recall the food was great – this was the place that gave hubby his love of black pudding (ew, just ew) – and the ambience of the bar is so cool. They call it The Keep Bar and I just kept looking at the barrel vaults and feeling like I was in a fantasy novel. Yes, I am that nerd, taking notes and doing research while on holiday.


Touring Scotland with Ciara Ballintyne

Ciara Ballintyne is visiting Scotland in 2016 – join her on a virtual tour of Scotland and other parts of Great Britain as she plans her trip. Somewhere you think she should go or stay? Please comment!

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