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The offer goes live Monday 9 March and will continue until Easter Monday.

If you’re looking for a fast, gripping fantasy read in the sword and sorcery style, look no further. At 42,000 words, this is only a short novel. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the first book – but if you haven’t, subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll get Confronting the Demon free too! This one is so short you can read it in an hour. The books have been variously compared to well-known fantasy authors Brent Weeks, Jacqueline Carey and Robert E Howard.

About Stalking the Demon

Stalking the Demon

Six months ago, the disgraced wizard, Alloran, sacrificed his hand and risked his life and soul to rescue the woman he loves from his traitorous friend. Despite saving the city from a demon, the council of wizards punished him severely for practicing banned magic.

Now he learns his desperate attempt to banish the demon threatens to send the whole world to hell. To unravel the damage, Alloran is forced dabble in taboo hell magic, and must choose between saving himself and everything he holds dear.

What Readers Are Saying

“The descent into the hell realm is exciting, better even than the climax of the first book, when hell makes an appearance in Alloran’s world. I love the tentacled first-realm demons, very kraken meets Lovecraftian Old Ones.” ~ Samantha Sabovitch

“Awesome conflict on every page. Tons of surprises too. Great ending! This is a fast read, but the setting and characterization is rich and deep and I fell into the story in a way I didn’t expect.” ~ J.

“Stalking the Demon was quick and intricate, but slow and methodical at the same time. I found myself constantly trying to figure out what would happen next, and was usually wrong. There was a great amount of action and suspense that really grabbed me and kept me reading until the end.” ~ Joe Slonaker