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Ken Hughes Interviews Ciara Ballintyne: Epic Fantasy Gives Me Hope

Ken Hughes

This week author Ken Hughes interviewed me on his blog. Ken is an insightful writer in his own right who provides many a stimulating conversation about the finer points of writing, and we sat down to talk about what epic fantasy means to me and the dark deeds people are capable of when put under pressure. Check out the full interview.

Ciara Ballintyne Sings for Her Supper… Er, Cover Art?

MM Stalking the Deon

Recently I was hosted on the blog of my cover artists, Lydia Kurnia and Isaia of Worlds Beyond Art. I actually work with Lydia in my day job, and I mentioned to her my love of karaoke. So when they interviewed me, they managed to swindle me into something I haven’t agreed to ever before – to give them a recording of me singing!

To check out the interview, and hear me sing, drop on over to Worlds Beyond Art. Don’t forget to check out their art while you’re there – you can see the art they’ve done for Confronting the Demon and Stalking the Demon here on my site.

Pinky Pollock Interviews Ciara Ballintyne, Author of Confronting the Demon

After reviewing Confronting the Demon, Sharon ‘Pinky’ Pollock is now interviewing me as well!
Stop on by and read the full interview to learn all about my inspiration, my writing process, and what I’m working on now. 
 If you’d like to pick up your own copy of Confronting the Demon, check out the buy links on this page – at $1.99, it’s a steal! Buy direct from my Books page and it’s even cheaper. 

If you’re an author, you might also like to check out my post A Quick Reference Guide to Copyright and Cover Art. Does your cover use stock photos? You might not be able to do with your own book cover all the things you think you can!

Maer Wilson Interviews Ciara Ballintyne

Wow, this blog hopping is getting exhausting. Can you keep up? I’m not sure I can…

Today I’m being interviewed over on Maer Wilson’s blog. She’s come out hitting hard, and wants to know what the weirdest thing is that’s happened to me as a fantasy author. You’ll have to read the full interview to find out!

If you haven’t already entered the giveaway for an Amazon Gift Card, don’t forget to get your entries in.

Also, if you’ve ever had any questions about copyright in your cover art, check out my handy quick reference guide on Somebody Has To Say It.

Virtual Book Tour – Interview with Ciara Ballintyne, Author of Confronting the Demon

Day 2 of the book tour for Confronting the Demon, and you’ll find me over on Kelly P’s blog, where she’s interviewing me about life, writing and dragons! Stop by and check it out.

And here’s a dragon, just to brighten up your day, since Kelly is grilling me all about why there are no dragons in Confronting the Demon!