I’m writing Becoming the Demon, the third installment in The Seven Circles of Hell. This one’s a heist story, where Alloran finds himself contracted to steal from the world’s most secure magical vault.

What magical security do you think he should face? What puzzles must he solve? What traps imperil him?

Write your suggestions in the comments and I’ll consider them for inclusion!

About Becoming the Demon

Not all doors lead to places a man should go.

Desperate to rescue Dek from the fifth circle of hell after abandoning him, Alloran’s task is complicated when he is forced to go on the run again. Bereft of all resources, Alloran enters into the shady world of loose morals and stitchers—black wizards hiring out their services to the highest bidder. When a strange woman presents him with a lucrative but criminal opportunity, he must ask what Dek’s life is worth to him—or is it the chance of a challenge he cannot defeat that tempts him into darkness?

Gisayne is fixated on avenging her father’s murder, but Alloran, consumed by his need to rescue Dek, will not help her. Alone, she hunts the deadly wizard Ladanyon, but when the trail leads her back to Alloran, she must fight to save him—but from the black wizard or himself?

Blinded by his determination, Alloran risks crossing a line to become the very thing he fights against.