I’ve been toying with the idea of doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I keep swinging from yes to no and back again. I’d like to do it, it sounds fun. But on the other side I have these reservations:
  • Am I going to have time for this? My husband is constantly telling me I over-commit and make myself too busy. Full-time work, I’m a mother, a wife, writing a novel, working on multiple short stories, promoting myself on Twitter, managing two blogs (yes one wasn’t enough for me), I’m usually doing writing workshops (four right now) and my latest project is to establish a newsletter (subscriptions are open if you’re interested). Perhaps he has a point?
  • If I do have time for this, I need 26 topics. I usually only blog once a fortnight on this blog, so that’s a year’s worth of topics. I think about that fact and it’s an immediate disincentive to do this challenge. Those topics could get me through the next 12 months!
  • To cut that down, I could post some fiction instead. I don’t usually post fiction on my blog, preferring to seek alternative markets for it (OK I haven’t done much of that yet, I’m working on it, all right…) but I could do some flash fiction for the blog.
So tell me in the comments what you think? Should I:
  1. Participate in the A to Z Blogging Challenge with 26 topics; or
  2. Participate with 13 topics and 13 pieces of fiction (or some other combination of your choice); or
  3. Just write some fiction for you to read and not participate at all; or
  4. If you insist, you can suggest ‘Other’.
This is the list of possible topics I have so far.

A – Achy Breaky Heart and the Perception of Country Music
B – Big Business, Big Bucks
C – Country goes City – Drizabones in Sydney CBD
D – Daylight Robbery – How My Electricity Company Steals My Solar Power
E – Etiquette of Critiques
F – Fidelity and Its Continuing Relevance
G – Gun Laws: Should Australia Relax Regulation?
H – ???
I – Intellectual Property Rights for Books Explained
J – ???
K- ???
L – ???
M- Music – In Defence of Country & Western
N – Names – Did You Change Yours?
O – Oh My God, Are You Really Wearing That?
P – Public Transport and Cityrail’s Campaign Against Undesirable Commuters
Q – Discuss With A Q – Reasons to Use This Comment Widget
R – Raising the Bar for Self-Pubbed Authors
S – Switching from Blogger to WordPress: Should You?
T – Triberr Etiquette
U – Unwinnable War? Ciara Vs Telecommunications Giant
V – Vexatious Blog Habits
W – Writing Workshops – Are They Valuable?
X – ???
Y – ???
Z – ???

Anyone for a dose of fantasy fiction?

Feel free to suggest a topic you’d like me to rant about or some inspiration for a short story in the comments. Let me know which of these topics you’d most like to see!

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