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Excerpt of Blood Isle: Calasade “In the Pit”

Wearing nothing—

—teeth chattering—

—trapped in a pit—

—staring at the beams of a moon that never seemed to move—



Growls from outside rose in pitch and bordered on screams of a tortured person. The beasts making those spine-chilling noises stood upright on powerful hind legs, their bodies brown, hairless, gargantuan, heads horned. She had seen the caged animals after her captors whisked her off a ship and up a mountainous incline but before they lowered her into this prison, the pit’s mouth a symbol of freedom and blinding fear. She could do nothing save die if a creature broke loose to leap inside with her. The beast’s fangs would shred her; its claws flay her. The mere thought forced her to squat, as if cowering might provide safety.

Character Profile

Name: Caderyn Fortis

From: Fors, Calasade

Age: 30ish

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’ 10”

Body: Muscular

Physical Condition: Muscular, but he has not aged particularly well. His body shows signs of the battles he’s fought; face reflects hard life he has led.

Mental and Emotional Condition: As an alcoholic and sufferer of depression, his mood swings can be radical. He focuses too much on the past, the elevated life he’s lost, but at least accepts responsibility for losing it. Guilt weighs on him and often gets in the way of his finding a happier lot in life because he feels he does not deserve happiness.

Achievements: He excelled as a soldier and found success as an exquisitor (head policeman) in Polus, the capital city of Fors. His family achieved noble status.

Defeats: He was fired from being an exquisitor and unceremoniously quit the military after witnessing the brutal raping of a boy. He has lost his nobility and become addicted to gambling and drink.

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Blood Isle, Calasade Series

by Mark Stone

Genres: Greco-Roman, Illustrated, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Mythology, Romance

248 Pages

Release date: May 18, 2015

text-divider-blood-isle Calasade is a Greco-Roman Fantasy world that was in development for over five years. The world of Calasade has enough in common with Ancient Rome and borrows enough from Greek and Roman mythology that it will seem familiar, but also offers plenty of its own lore so that it is something new and different, the latter especially true when the world of Calasade and its tales are compared to fantasy taking place in worlds based on Medieval Europe. A love of fantasy tropes intertwined with the unique helped bring Calasade and Blood Isle to fruition. You will find neither the knight in shining armor nor the never-do-good evil sorcerer. The people of Calasade in Blood Isle are not so different than us in that they belong squarely inside the gray box of existence. As such, each and every one is capable of heroic acts one moment and dark ones the next depending on what’s at stake and the means available for acquiring their goals. Blood Isle is an illustrated novel. While part of a series, it is like all Calasade stories and can be read as a stand-alone. Thank you for taking the time to check out Calasade: Blood Isle. text-divider-blood-isle purchase-links-blood-isle


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Author Mark Stone of Blood Isle and the Calasade series

Mark Stone splits his time between the United States and Spain with his greatest inspiration, his wife. Having written award-winning Flash Fiction, he is now a novelist writing tales mostly of Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery. He will sometimes get a wild hair and venture into other areas—namely, Weird Western and Historical Fiction. Look for the latter in the near future. Most of his stories are based in Calasade, a fantasy world heavily influenced by Ancient Rome. text-divider-blood-isle social-media-blood-isle-calasade


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