OK, maybe not everyone. Not me. But a great many people. And perhaps hate is too strong a word – maybe really really dislike?

I only recently caught up on Doctor Who, and I was way behind (waaaaay behind, as in, I was only at the second season this time last year) so I’d already heard all the bad press Peter Capaldi got and prepared myself to dislike him.

And then….I didn’t.

So then I started to wonder why. And then, as I started to like the twelfth Doctor even more, I wondered…. Is he me? Is he an INTJ?

I’m not very good at working out people’s MBTI. But I have gotten increasingly good at spotting characters who are INTJs – albeit, even if it’s only because I’m self-aware enough to uncomfortably admit I, too, would have done that distasteful but necessary thing that INTJ character just did.

When I looked it up, I found this fantastic post explaining that yes, the twelfth Doctor is an INTJ. It’s good, you should read it. If you don’t have time, it basically explains in detail why the twelfth Doctor came as a shock to so many after the personality types of the ninth through eleventh Doctors.

As great as that explanation is, though, I also think the reality is that INTJs are just not everyone’s cup of tea. Maybe that’s why so many fictional INTJs are villains rather than heroes – at a superficial glance, we’re so much easier to hate than love.

Here’s a few reasons why:

  • We don’t like wasting time on small talk and so can come across as uncomfortably blunt and insensitive;
  • Feelings make us uncomfortable – yours, and perhaps especially our own, which takes a lot of time and energy to process, and we don’t know or like what goes on in the meantime. Feelings are just so messy;
  • We’re very black and white – you see this in the twelfth Doctor’s realism. A thing is or is not possible;
  • We… well, not to put too fine a point on it, we tend to start from the assumption that people are idiots and wait for you to prove otherwise. The twelfth Doctor flat out says this – all people are idiots;
  • As cynical as we are, we still want things to be better – the twelfth Doctor thinks everyone is an idiot, but he still wants to protect and save them;

So, yeah, I can see that we can be an acquired taste. We don’t always even like each other. I’m pretty sure Dad is one, and he said he’s started to like the twelfth Doctor as they’ve ‘softened’ him a little.

I don’t actually think they have – INTJs just look like one thing from the outside, and something else when we let you inside our protective walls. I think the viewers have just been allowed ‘inside’ a bit more.

Look out for my new MBTI page, coming soon, which looks at the Myers-Briggs types of some of my main characters!