I’m not a huge fan of Young Adult fiction – but I don’t mean in a way that looks down on it as somehow inadequate. The whole Young Adult genre almost completely passed me by. It wasn’t all the rage when I was a young adult, and I jumped feet-first into adult fantasy fiction at a very early age. I dabbled in a few books that are now classified as Young Adult, but I don’t think they were called that at the time. Even now I struggle to know if something I’ve read is Young Adult or just adult. 

So when I was invited to do a guest post on Young  Adult books on Lost In Fiction UK, I was lost for words. But, in the end, I concluded that one of my favourite books, Sabriel by Garth Nix, is indeed a part of the Young Adult genres and so I sallied forth to talk about it. 

You can find the full post here.

As an interesting side note, I noticed a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow appeared when Googling ‘Sabriel’. Weird. 

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