As you know, I didn’t blog much for a few weeks there. You may or may not know that was due to working frantically on my manuscript, Deathhawk’s Betrayal, to submit to Harper Collins Voyager, who were accepting unagented submissions for their new ebook imprint, and then finishing A Magical Melody for inclusion in Spells: Ten Tales of Magic

Now both those tasks are complete, I’ve been blogging like mad, both on my own blogs, and guest blogging for others. 

Here are two guest blogs I’ve done in the last week:

I Saved My Banana For You for Erica Lucke Dean, a tale about a naughty monkey who might be excited to see you – or maybe he just has something his pocket. Like… a banana. 

102nd Post for Mark Brassington – a look at Twitter and what it means to me – and probably many other writers as well.

Also, Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts, an anthology edited by Rayne Hall (also editor of the anthology in which my short story will appear), is free at Amazon from 23 – 27 October. You can find it here for US Kindle and here for UK Kindle. 

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