Today I bought movie tickets online. I don’t usually do so, but we didn’t want to risk missing out. Everything was fine until I noticed I was being charged $3.65 per ticket administration fee!


Just so we’re clear, let me get this straight…. There is virtually no cost to you in selling tickets to me online, but you want to charge me an administration fee? A per person administration fee? When whatever costs you might be incurring can’t possibly be related to the number of tickets I purchase but are surely related to the number of transactions? I’m positive the costs are higher to sell me a ticket at the cinema, but there’s administration fee attached to that!

This is just outrageous. Essentially the cinema has reduced its costs and is charging me more. Double whammy! 

Even more outrageous is the practices in outlets selling tickets to concerts and the like. We have two, in Australia. When you choose your tickets, you also choose if you want to pick them up in person, have them mailed to you, or have them emailed to you and you print them yourself. The bizarre thing about this arrangement is all of them have an administration fee attached.

I understand postage if the tickets are posted. In the world of online sales, everything has postage. Mostly. Unless you spend more than a certain amount, which come to think of it, is less than what two concert tickets usually cost. And really it costs $.065 to send a standard letter envelope and you want to charge me $8.50? You had to twist my arm, but you’ve convinced me there really is no excuse for charging so much to deliver tickets by standard mail. 

I will accept the $8.50 charge to pick the tickets up from the box office. These days everyone wants to encourage people NOT to come to their office. There’s probably something weird about that… anyhoo, moving along to the real whopper…

An administration fee to have my tickets emailed to me? What does it cost you to email my tickets to me? Nothing. So… basically I’m paying you for the privilege to use my own ink and paper to print my own tickets… 

To add insult to injury, I believe they lump a transactional administration fee on top and, if you’re paying by credit card (what? This isan online purchase, right?) they’ll charge you a surcharge as well. 

Hold on a minute, I just have to do an invoice up. Right, my bill for the ticket agency to outsource their ticket-printing facility to me is now in the mail. Terms are 14 days, got it?

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