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Six Sentence Sunday Crow of Death

Crow of Death
Another excerpt from ‘In the Company of the Dead’.
Defenders fought to reclaim the walls. A man screamed as he went over the parapet. Further down, Ellieva scattered attackers, plunging reckless into their midst. She broke the onslaught alone, silver sword flashing red with each stroke. Her black robes billowed like crow’s wings. The men following chanted her name.

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Six Sentence Sunday Ellieva

Six Sentence Sunday Ellieva
Today we have something different for Six Sentence Sunday. This is a from ‘In the Company of the Dead’, featuring different characters in a different world to Deathhawk’s Betrayal. You can learn a little more about this world on other pages of my website. Look for ‘Vows of Blood’ and ‘In the Company of the Dead’ on the books page.

Lyram plunged into the melee. It was a nightmare of screaming and flashing blades, reeking of blood and smoke. Something too soft to be cobbles gave under his foot. Pushing on, he cut the next man down with a brutal slash.
The faltering defence rallied in his wake. Soldiers pushed forward, closed ranks, forcing the mass of enemy soldiers back.

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