I own a Drizabone. That’s basically an Australian oilskin for stockmen. No… I’m not a stockman. I don’t even own a horse…anymore. But I did, and my Drizabone is so totally awesome for keeping the rain off I even wear it into the Sydney CBD when we have heavy rain. 

OK, so I probably look like a noob. Actually, I’m not 100% sure on that, because I stole noob from a pre-teen boy, and I don’t really know what it means. I am sure it’s not flattering. 

So there I am, in Sydney CBD, in a sea of suited and briefcased people, flooding around the skyscrapers, wearing my Drizabone and looking like I just rode into town. It’s got straps to buckle around your legs – so, you know, your coat doesn’t blow up while you’re astride your horse and soak your legs. It’s got an expandable flap at the back; plenty of room to accommodate your horse’s rump. 

And I’m horseless. 
But you know what? Those features are just as great for keeping you dry while walking as riding a horse. The leg straps keep the oilskin close, so your coat doesn’t flap open in the wind while you’re walking, helping to avoid the usual umbrella phenomenon of being soaked from the knees down in heavy rain. I’m even so short my Drizabone goes all the way to my ankles!

So maybe I look like a noob. But I’m a dry noob, so when you get right down to it, maybe I’m less of a noob than the people who are wet. 

I love my Drizabone! And I love my hubby, who gave it to me.

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