There are a lot of comparisons of blog platforms out there. I read a few when I started out and I chose Blogger, as many newbies do, for the simple reason it’s easier.

Later, we often get encouraged to move to WordPress, either or the self-hosted WordPress software. 

But I am sticking with Blogger, at least for the time being, and here’s why:
  • Blogger is still easier. Self-hosting would require me to learn more technical shtuff (technical term). I’ve already learned more shtuff than I care to, at great personal pain to my brain. I like the fact using my blog is easy and straight-forward and requires very little shtuff. My website is largely managed by my Dad,and requires loads of shtuff, and I certainly don’t want to pester him every time I need a blog uploaded. Unless you can show me the harder option reaps me more benefits, hard is, well, a hard sell;
  • I haven’t seen a lot of WordPress layouts I like. Yes, OK, this comes down to the customisation of each user, but I do like my Blogger layout. So why would I put in a lot of extra work for no gain? I hear a lot that Blogger looks less professional, but since the introduction of the new interface, Blogger is so customisable I don’t think this is true. With very little shtuff (and maybe a bit more in the way of creative juice), you can build a blog that looks fantastic. Sure, if you’re a professional blogger, this may be a different kettle of fish, but I’m not.
  • If you’re concerned about having or on your blog, you can redirect your Blogger blog to your own domain name. The ease of using Blogger with the appearance of a self-hosted blog! I am halfway through this process. I did ask my webmaster (aka Dad) to set up the subdomains  but I forget what they were and must now ask Dad… Hey, I have a lot on my plate, OK? Don’t judge.
  • Yes Blogger has known comment problems but you can fix this using Disqus (see here Discuss With A Q). I believe everyone should use Disqus anyway, regardless of what blog service they use, and I know plenty of people with self-hosted WordPress blogs who do.
  • Blogger now allows me to seamlessly integrate my blog with my website, so there is a menu across the top that links to all the pages of my site, and my site links to both blogs. Unless you look at the URL, you may not even know the blog isn’t on the website. And I bet a bunch of you didn’t notice… Sure, my blog layout is not identical to my website, but I’ve chosen complementing themes and colours to create the same mood if not precisely the same look and feel.
So those are my reasons. A few have attempted to convert me to WordPress, but so far their arguments haven’t made a lot of progress! They’ll need to keep at it before they convert me. 

What do you think? Do you use Blogger or WordPress? Why, and what do you like or dislike about the platform you use?

2014 Note: As you can see, I have since switched to WordPress. This was actually driven by my website, which needed greater functionality. Since the website was then on WordPress, it made simple sense to integrate the blog.

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