Fingal's Cave

With only 55 days to go, I should think it goes without saying that I’m getting excited. It’s so close now, I have to sometimes consciously not think about it!

All the planning is done, and most of the booking as well, and within a few weeks we’ll start paying the rest of what we owe on the accommodation. once that’s done, we’ll know it’s really close….

So here’s a tour I’m particularly looking forward to.

The Three Isles Tour.

It’s a day trip of the Inner Hebrides, and since we are not really doing any of the Isles much (except we are spending three days on the Isle of Skye) I thought this was a great opportunity to maximise what we can see in a short period of time.

The three isles included are Mull, Iona and Staffa. You get the amazing scenery of Mull, the Abbey at Iona, and my personal highlight of the day–Fingal’s Cave at Staffa.

Now Fingal’s Cave is formed of hexagonal basalt rocks, and in the pictures it looks a lot like the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. We were supposed to go there in 2008 when we were in Ireland, but ended up not making it for numerous reasons, including that it was the end of our trip, it was an awful lot of driving, and a day spent with a friend sounded like a more pleasant use of our time. So when I saw Fingal’s Cave, I was determined we had to go there! Of course, the kids are more interested in the puffins…

It’s a full day trip–10 hours–and for us it will be 12 hours once you factor in the travel from our accommodation, but I am determined! We’re on the earlybird trip so we can still get home at a reasonable hour with the kids.

There are two tour operators that run this tour, being West Coast Tours and Staffa Tours, so if you find yourself on the west coast of Scotland wondering what to do, you might want to check them out. I’ll be sure to pop back and update you after we’ve been on our tour!

Touring Scotland with Ciara Ballintyne

Ciara Ballintyne is visiting Scotland in 2016 – join her on a virtual tour of Scotland and other parts of Great Britain as she plans her trip. Somewhere you think she should go or stay? Please comment!

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